Electrowave therapy is a new way to scientifically treat painful foot conditions. There are two big categories of patients who will benefit from E-stim therapy.

First, are peripheral neuropathy (PN) patients. A recently published article in Podiatry Today, April 2008 issue by Dr. Jaret Walker and Dr. Raymond Abdo, shows that for the first time PN can be successfully treated without surgery or medication with great results. The 40 patient retrospective analysis shows an 83% pain reduction and 86% overall improvement. Results stated by patients include: less pain, better balance, a decrease or elimination of PN medication taken, increased sensation in the feet & legs, enhanced quality of sleep, and overall vast improvement in quality of life. These results were long-lasting.

Second, are patients who are suffering from an injury or who are recovering from surgery. Sprains, strains, tendonitis, neuromas, plantar fasciitis and closed fractures all benefit from E-stim therapy. Using this new NASA technology to focus the body's natural healing process on the injured area, patients have noticed the following changes: healing time is sped up, decrease in pain, decrease in swelling and can sometimes eliminate the need for surgical repair.

Where? When? For how long?

E-stim therapy is performed in our office Monday through Friday and each session lasts one hour. Dr. Walker may prescribe 2 sessions a week for 2-3 months. Post-op and injury patients may only need to come for a few weeks.