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Foot and ankle fractures are a common cause of pain and movement issuesand not all fractures are obvious or traumatic. At Advanced Foot & Ankle, highly trained podiatrist Dr. Jaret Walker, DPM, offers the best in customized fracture diagnosis and treatment in the Denton, Texas, office. For help with your foot pain, call the office or request an appointment online today. 

What are fractures?

A fracture is a break in a bone. Some of the most common fractures in the lower extremity include:

  • Ankle fractures 
  • Metatarsal fractures in the midfoot bones
  • Sesamoid fractures in the pea-shaped bones under the big toe
  • Toe fractures 
  • Calcaneus fractures in the heel


Fractures vary widely, from small cracks that occur with repetitive pressure (stress fractures) to complete breaks that typically happen in traumatic accidents.

What are the symptoms of a foot or ankle fracture?

After an accident, a foot or ankle fracture can immediately cause symptoms like:

  • Sharp or throbbing pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Appearance change
  • Difficulty standing, walking, or bearing weight on your foot


A smaller fracture (a stress fracture) might initially cause much milder pain. Often, with stress fractures, the pain worsens with physical activity and wanes when you rest. But, the pain can increase if you don’t seek treatment. 

How are foot and ankle fractures diagnosed?

At Advanced Foot & Ankle, Dr. Jaret Walker gently examines your foot and ankle. He may ask you to stand and, if possible, bear normal weight on your foot to better evaluate the injury. 

Dr. Jaret Walker will take an X-Ray in the office and determine the location and extent of the fracture. If he suspects that you have other damage in your foot or ankle, like a ligament sprain or a tendon tear, you might also need a diagnostic MRI test.

How are fractures treated?

Dr. Jaret Walker always exhausts all non-invasive options before considering surgery. While Dr. Jaret Walker always makes every effort to resolve fractures non-surgically, some types of complicated or severe fractures may require surgical repair.  One of the biggest reasons why surgery is needed for a fracture is the broken bone separates, or what is known as displaces.  If there is displacement the bone won’t heal and surgery is required.  Dr. Jaret Walker normally performs surgeries at the Medical City Day Surgery Center and occasionally at Medical City Denton Hospital. 


If you’re having fracture symptoms, call Advanced Foot & Ankle or request an appointment online to start a path on the road to recovery today. 

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